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@Bohemian Raw -- #Smoothie & Juice Bar
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Bohemian Raw creates a high vibe, conscious awareness & support for the local community with health and lifestyle. Serving wholefoods and organic beverages
Soul sisters Kat Harrison & Michelle Kerrisk have combined forces to create the beautiful Bohemian Raw brand. Finally we can give consumers healthy alternatives to allow them to feel good about themselves while nourishing their bodies. Fairtrade organic coffee, ayurvedic herbal teas, pro-biotic drinks, raw desserts and raw chocolate will be the specialty. Savoury options are forever changing always using the freshest local produce that is available. The café will be used for health seminars/workshops and networking meetings to help the community to have access to natural medicines and holistic practisioners who are local and small business’s that are involved with the health and wellness industry. We look forward to building a community and working with you all soon.
Bohemian Raw - Smoothie & Juice Bar