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@Believe The Story -- #Product/Service
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The Story is helping people everywhere experience Scripture like never before.

Believe The Story - Product/Service

@Concert Tours (MOJOFLO) -- #Product/Service
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Need to book CELEBRITY APPEARANCES or LIVE ENTERTAINMENT, such as Music Artists, Hollywood Talent, Pro Athletes, Celebrity Experts, or Independent Artists? Mojoflo "CELEBRITY APPEARANCES" enriches the brand equity of special events and charity benefits...

To Book Mojoflo Celebrity Appearances, please call: (424) CELEBS-0 or (424-235-3270) PROMOTIONAL RETAIL: (n.) The business strategy of simultaneously monetizing FANSUMERS while also enriching the brand equity of a business, product, or service. FANSUMER(S): (n.) A fan of a brand who habitually purchases its goods or services and voluntarily champions these experiences to their community. ENTERTAINMENT STAKEHOLDERS: Artists, Artist Representation, Producers, Sponsors, Distributors, and Fansumers. Specializing in LIVE EVENTS, BRAND SPONSORSHIP, "BUZZ" MARKETING, and STRATEGIC DISTRIBUTION of celebrity-driven multimedia formats, Mojoflo produces original content with global commerce Entertainment Stakeholder opportunities, such as: - FEATURE FILMS - SCRIPTED SERIES - REALITY SERIES - COMEDY SKITS - ARTIST ROCKUMENTARIES - LIVE BROADCAST MUSIC CONCERTS - LIVE BROADCAST CELEBRITY-HOSTED SPECIAL EVENTS - SPORTS PROGRAMMING - CELEBRITY APPEARANCE/LIVE ENTERTAINMENT SPECIAL EVENTS
Concert Tours (MOJOFLO) - Product/Service