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@Hit The Floor - Dance Competitions -- #Organization
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C’est dans un environnement des plus professionnels que nous avons l’honneur d’offrir à des danseurs de tous les styles, de vivre une expérience mémorable en se joignant à d’autres danseurs de leur communauté et en partageant avec plusieurs professionnels du milieu. Hit The Floor donnera l’opportunité à chaque danseur de soumettre son talent à l’épreuve. Les participants pourront obtenir de la part de juges compétents, une évaluation digne de leur performance. De plus, ils auront une occasion toute spéciale de les voir performer lors du Showcase All-Stars. Des ateliers de formation seront également disponibles avec chacun d’eux. We have the honor of offering to dancers of all styles, and in the most professional environment, a memorable experience by joining them to other dancers from the dance community and many professionals of this field. Hit The Floor gives each dancer the opportunity to showcase their talent. Participants will obtain a fair judgment that is worthy of their performance on behalf of competent judges. Furthermore, they will have a special opportunity to see the judges perform during our All-Stars showcase. This two hour show will showcase the best talent the competition has to offer and professionals from the dance industry. Workshops with the judges will also be available during one of the competition days.
Hit The Floor - Dance Competitions - Organization

@Competition 4x4 -- #Local Business
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Competition 4x4 is a leading manufacturer of fabrication products for the Off-Road 4x4 and Rock Crawling Industry.
Competition 4x4 is a machining and metal fabrication company. We offer products for the Off-Road 4x4, and Rock Crawler industry. Competition 4x4 is the place to find 4x4 fabrication products for the do-it-yourself fabricator. We specialize in tire carrier hinges, do it yourself - DIY Builder kits, latches, clevis mounts, mounting brackets, tabs, receivers, tire mounting plates, brush guards, d-rings, clevis - shackle mounts for recovery, dual shear swing away tire carrier hinge kits, and all other components needed to build your custom parts for your rig. Now anyone can build a bumper, tire carrier, etc. at an affordable price. Visit www.comp4x4.com to learn more and search our products! We primarily cater to dealers and other manufactures within the off-road industry by manufacturing their component products to their specifications or providing parts designed by Comp4x4 that are used in their final product. We also sell Comp4x4 branded product via our website www.comp4x4.com All products we manufacture can be labeled to market your brand. We offer design and prototyping services, full-service machining, and fabrication for many companies and individual customers.
COMP4X4.com -- Top Quality off-road fabrication parts.
Competition 4x4 - Local Business

@Kangaroo Math Malaysia -- #Education
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World largest Mathematics competition now in Malaysia. For more information and registration visit www.kangaroomath.com.my
Kangaroo Math Competition (KMC) is an annual international math competition for primary and secondary school students. The KMC is the largest math competition in the world with more than 6 million participants annually, from 69 countries. The contest originated from France and is administered globally by Association Kangourou sans Frontieres (AKSF). Each local contest is organized locally by a national organizer. KMC has been organized in Malaysia since 2013, by Kangaroo Math Malaysia.
Kangaroo Math Malaysia - Education

@Upcoming Photography competition Amateur and Professionals -- #Community
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Upcoming Photographic Competition for Ameateur and Professionals

Upcoming Photography competition Amateur and Professionals - Community

@Asian Regional Space Settlement Design Competition -- #Community
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This event is an industry simulation set in the future, for High School students. The students get to meet top engineers from NASA and The Boeing Company

Asian Regional Space Settlement Design Competition - Community

@International Design Competitions -- #Website
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A Place to View and Share News of Design Competitions Around the World.

International Design Competitions - Website

@TT da Ilha de Man -- #Motorcycle Dealership
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A TT da Ilha de Man ou Isle of Man TT, é uma corrida de motocicleta realizada anualmente nas ruas da pequena Ilha de Man, uma comunidade autónoma situada no mar entre a Irlanda e Grã-Bretanha.HistóricoRealizada desde 28 de maio de 1907, e conhecida como "A Corrida da Morte", o TT da Ilha de Man foi por muitos anos a corrida de motocicletas mais prestigiosa e perigosa do mundo. Ela integrava o Campeonato Mundial de Motovelocidade até 1976, mas os principais pilotos já a boicotavam antes disso por razões de segurança.Ela é disputada num circuito de 60 km em rodovias sem limite de velocidade, um dos motivos por ser realizada neste local, cruzando montanhas e vilarejos. O circuito engloba um total exato de 256 curvas. Seu trecho dentro das cidades é extremamente perigoso, pois os pilotos enfrentam desde guias de calçada, postes de energia elétrica, tampas de bueiros e desníveis no asfalto à velocidades altíssimas. O trecho de montanha (Mountain Course) é de altíssima velocidade, com retas enormes e sequencias intermináveis de curvas. Na categoria Superbike, onde as motocicletas recebem preparação pesada, era possível atingir a velocidade máxima de aproximadamente 330 km/h. Guy Martin em 2010 quebrou esse record,alcançou a velocidade de 340 km/h,fora de giro em 6° marcha,assim cravando essa marca histórica de velocidade mais rápida da corrida.A maior média de velocidade já alcançada aconteceu na edição de 2007, com o piloto John McGuiness, com média de aproximadamente 211 km/h. Sem áreas de escape, a corrida já vitimou, até a edição de 2013, duzentos e quarenta competidores ao longo de mais de 100 anos de tradição, interrompidas apenas pela Primeira e Segunda Guerras Mundiais e em 2001 pela epidemia de Febre aftosa.
TT da Ilha de Man - Motorcycle Dealership

@International Math Olympiad -- #Competition
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The International Mathematical Olympiad is an annual six-problem mathematical olympiad for pre-college students, and is the oldest of the International Science Olympiads. The first IMO was held in Romania in 1959. It has since been held annually, except in 1980. About 100 countries send teams of up to six students, plus one team leader, one deputy leader, and observers.The content ranges from extremely difficult algebra and pre-calculus problems to problems on branches of mathematics not conventionally covered at school and often not at university level either, such as projective and complex geometry, functional equations and well-grounded number theory, of which extensive knowledge of theorems is required. Calculus, though allowed in solutions, is never required, as there is a principle that anyone with a basic understanding of mathematics should understand the problems, even if the solutions require a great deal more knowledge. Supporters of this principle claim that this allows more universality and creates an incentive to find elegant, deceptively simple-looking problems which nevertheless require a certain level of ingenuity.The selection process differs by country, but it often consists of a series of tests which admit fewer students at each progressing test. Awards are given to approximately the top-scoring 50% of the individual contestants. Teams are not officially recognized—all scores are given only to individual contestants, but team scoring is unofficially compared more than individual scores. Contestants must be under the age of 20 and must not be registered at any tertiary institution. Subject to these conditions, an individual may participate any number of times in the IMO.
International Math Olympiad - Competition

@Believe National Talent Competition -- #Local Business
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Believe Talent Competition
BELIEVE is a new world talent competition that believes it’s all about YOU, the performer! Featuring fabulous venues, professional stage and sound, knowledgeable judges and an event experience like no other! The Believe Promise: No 7:00am performances! No 11:00pm award ceremonies! No two room regionals! No Thursday competitions! Awards ceremonies are 30 minutes, or less, and we have more of them!
Believe National Talent Competition - Local Business