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يرجي الدخول علي http://care.notcourses.com/ و ذلك لاستقبال اي مقترحات او شكاوي لها علاقه بالمدرسه من اي نوع حتي و ان كانت منذ فتره طويله
Notcourses’ first goal is creating a big country inside every Arabic country throughout the world, this "country" will offer an alternative second nationality (Notcourses nationality) to people when they become qualified proactive, professional people with good interpersonal skills all of which they will gain by living inside this "country". Notcourses’ competitive advantage is that the school depends on acquisition instead of learning, through practical workshops with experts in their fields. This competitive advantage eliminates all other learning styles and their various limitations and defects. Eliminating those old-school techniques in our teaching style guarantees that we deliver success. The differences between learning and acquisition are as following: LEARNING ACQUISITION ● Artificial ● Natural ● Technical ● Personal ● Priority on the written language ● Priority on the spoken language ● Theory (language analysis) ● Practice (language in use) ● Deductive teaching ● Inductive coaching ● Preset syllabus ● Improvised activities ● Activities ABOUT the language ● Activities IN the language ● Focus on form ● Focus on communication ● Produces knowledge ● Produces an ability ● At Not Courses we have a unique balanced approach to vocabulary, grammar, phonology, pronunciation, construction, fluency and accuracy, we have fine-tuned our approach to achieving the desired results in all these areas weighting particular aspects in particular levels ● There is an assessment strategy in place, with both formative and summative assessments used to assess students. ● Using blooms taxonomy as a guide to pitch expectations from students, the curriculum is a dynamic one that has structures in place to constantly move with the times. ● The assessment strategy is there to preserve our very high standards and to guarantee the progression of our students from one level to the next. ● The oral placement test determines the student is put in the right level for them to make sure our students hit the floor running. Learner’s entry requirements are well defined. ● The product department ensures that all content is relevant, accurate and up to date. It also ensure material used in the workshops are pitched and delivered at the right level for learners at different phases of the program. The product manager analyses the balance of teaching and learning methods for appropriateness ensuring that enough time is afforded to learners to ensure actual learning takes place. ● The key aspects of the methods that we use are; Student-centered, Problem-based , Integrated, Community oriented , Electives (+ core) and Systematic all these parts come together to produce the unique learning atmosphere that is Not Courses Workshops. ● From the most important of the above mentioned aspects is the student-centered element. A student cantered approach. This approach emphasizes adult learning methods and approaches and uses active learning (in which students participate actively in the learning process) rather than a more didactic, teacher-led approach which traditionally saw students as passive recipients of knowledge, as ‘empty vessels’. Our programme embodies a student cantered approaches which typically is designed to enable students to define some of their own learning objectives, select learning resources and decide the sequence and pace of learning, the program also helps them to develop lifelong learning skills. This approach is more resource intensive as it relies on smaller groups and much more advance planning is needed by teachers. Students also learn to shift from more didactic teaching style to a more student centered one. ● Our key objectives are to ensure our students are measurably progressing through the various bands and levels and that the learning objectives are realistic and relevant.
Not courses - School

@Sana K Makeup - Bridal Makeup and Hair Training Courses London / Brussels -- #Education
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www.sanakmakeup.com, www.sanakermani.com, www.sanakmakeup.blogspot.com Twitter - sanakmakeup Youtube - sanakmakeupartist 07967 204 275, 07814 902 485, Sanakmakeup@gmail.com
www.sanakmakeup.com, www.instagram.com/sanakmakeup London based, Bridal,Training in hair /makeup,07967204275
Based in NW London - Harrow 10 years experience in Makeup and Hair styling Travels Nationwide and International Strictly by appointment Please email or call to arrange a mutually convenient time
Sana K Makeup - Bridal Makeup and Hair Training Courses London / Brussels - Education

@English Language Courses Argiris Hatzopoulos -- #Education
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http://www.elc.edu.gr http://twitter.com/elcthessaloniki http://www.facebook.com/photos.php?id=697753876#/group.php?gid=11340425684
ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSES ARGIRIS HATZOPOULOS http://www.elc.edu.gr/el http://twitter.com/elcthessaloniki
English Language Courses Argiris Hatzopoulos - Education

@The All England Jumping Course, Hickstead -- #Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue
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Hickstead is one of the most famous showjumping venues in the world
The Al Shira´aa Hickstead Derby Meeting, 22 - 25 June 2017 The Longines Royal International Horse Show 25 - 30 July 2017 The All England Jumping Championships, 31 August - 3 September 2017 www.hickstead.co.uk
The All England Jumping Course, Hickstead - Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue

@ShareCourse 學聯網 -- #Education
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每天提供各種課程及專業資訊,完整線上課程列表請至官網查詢: http://www.sharecourse.net/
ShareCourse學聯網是台灣最多人使用的中文慕課網站,2008年由捷鎏科技創辦,多年來與台灣各大學院及企業合作,由專業師資授課,提供大學課程與職能培訓課程。 自成立以來,共開設超過800門線上學習(online learning)及線上線下整合式學習(O2O)課程,月活躍用戶約6萬人。大學課程涵蓋各個領域,職能培訓課程則專注在物聯網及大數據領域。 ShareCourse學聯網提供大量免費課程及部分付費課程,努力落實終身學習的觀念。學員可經由自由自主地學習,增進職場競爭力、豐富人生,遇見更好的自己。
ShareCourse 學聯網 - Education

@Codecourse.com -- #Computer Company
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Learn to code with relaxed, easy to follow tutorials. Formerly phpacademy.

Codecourse.com - Computer Company

@Electrical Power System Distribution Course -- #Education
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provides distribution system designers, planners and operators a strong foundation for designing electric utilities for any building

Electrical Power System Distribution Course - Education

@EBLA - Language Courses -- #Education
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Kurse të Gjuhëve të Huaja | Pergatitje për provimet IELTS/TOEFL | Gjuhë e huaj për qëllime biznesi | Studime jashtë vendit | Trajnime akademike
EBLA u themelua në vitin 1998 në partneritet me kolegjin “Bournemouth Business School International” në Britaninë e Madhe. EBLA u krijua në kohën kur tregu shqiptar i edukimit shfaqi nevoja specifike për përthithjen e njohurive në fusha të ndryshme edukative. Jemi e para qendër trajnimesh në fushën e administrim biznesit dhe kurseve të gjuhëve të huaja në Shqipëri dhe ka një eksperiencë me shume se 18 vjeçare në këshillimin e studentëve mbi zgjedhjet e tyre akademike jashte vendit. Ekipi ynë i konsulencës dhe pedagogëve të gjuhëve të huaja brenda qendrës, është aktiv në konferencat ndërkombëtare, panaireve të edukimit, trajnimeve të ndryshme në organizimin efektiv të programeve të studimit dhe udhëtimit jashtë vendit. Aftësia jonë për të realizuar atë për të cilën ofrojmë, varet pikësëpari nga njerëzit që ne punësojmë dhe qasja që kemi ndaj njëri tjetrit. Marrëdhënie e partneritetit me institucionet dhe kompanitë e trajnimit më të mira në botë na mundësojnë që t’iu ofrojmë studentëve dhe prindërve informacionet më aktuale dhe më të sakta rreth institucioneve dhe vendeve të përzgjedhura. Sot ndjehemi të privilegjuar të kemi lidhje me më shumë se 150 institucione edukimi partnere jashtë vendit dhe jemi pjesë e mijëra studentëve shqiptarë në rrugëtimin e karrierës së tyre akademike.
EBLA - Language Courses - Education