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@Hotel Urbano -- #Travel Company
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#vivamaishistórias | Viajar é possível.
Hotel Urbano | Viajar é possível.
Hotel Urbano - Travel Company

@Tokio Hotel -- #Musician/Band
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Tour: http://www.tokiohotel.com Videos : www.youtube.com/tokiohotel VIPTickets : https://www.treehouse-ticketing.com/ Online : www.Benjaminebel.com
Contact Press & Media : pr@decodeltd.com Booking: https://www.treehouse-ticketing.com/
Tokio Hotel - Musician/Band

@Hotels.com -- #Travel Company
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Hotels.com offers the choice of over hundreds of thousands of hotels and other accommodation worldwide.
Join our Facebook community for exclusive hotel deals, exciting competitions and be inspired by like minded travelers. It’s a place to share your planning tips, hotel recommendations and travel advice. We’re listening and we’d love to hear from you. Need help? We’re available on Facebook Monday – Friday between 9am– 5pm. You can also call our customer service team on 1800 846 835 (Australia Toll Free) | 0800 456 081 (New Zealand Toll Free). We don’t however accept responsibility for the comments of fans on this page and we do want people to ‘play nice’. Posts will be deleted if they contain offensive or inappropriate content, or spam. Terms & Conditions Please note that while Hotels.com administers this Facebook site, we do not control or endorse all of the content you may see here because much of the content is posted by members of the online community not affiliated with Hotels.com. If you post content to this Hotels.com Facebook site, you are agreeing (a) that Hotels.com and its affiliates may freely use, reuse, edit, or modify the content, including any ideas or suggestions you may make for our program, with or without attribution to you, wherever and however we see fit, and (b) that you have permission to post content on these terms, including permissions from any other people who might have created, or be depicted or referred to within, the content.
Hotels.com - Travel Company

@Hotels.com -- #Travel Company
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Hotels.com為世界領先的飯店預訂網站,提供全球超過200個國家的連鎖飯店、度假飯店、特色旅店和民宿。Hotels.com 提供最優惠價格保證,不設取消訂房費用。網上訂房或電話訂房: 02 8793 3041

Hotels.com - Travel Company

@Salinas Maragogi -- #Hotel
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Somos um resort All Inclusive no melhor trecho do litoral norte de Alagoas, um lugar ideal para famílias em busca de diversão e sintonia total com a natureza.
Confira a opinião de quem, de fato, conhece e aprova o Salinas Maragogi All Inclusive Resort: nossos hóspedes! www.salinas.com.br/depoimentos
Salinas Maragogi - Hotel

@Best Western Hotels & Resorts -- #Travel Company
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http://www.bestwestern.com?sob=FBPG http://youmustbetrippin.com http://www.instagram.com/BestWestern http://twitter.com/bestwestern
Welcome to the official page of Best Western® Hotels & Resorts. Click “Make a Reservation” to book your next stay without having to leave Facebook!
By [uploading or emailing] photograph(s) and/or image(s), I hereby grant to Best Western Hotels & Resorts (“BWHR”) and its designees an irrevocable, world-wide, non-exclusive, sub-licensable, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, edit, and/or make reference to the photograph(s) and/or image(s) in any manner and in, by or through any and all media, for any marketing, advertising or promotions, whether telecast, published, or used in other medium (including but not limited to video and posting on the Internet), and to maintain such photograph(s) and/or image(s) in a database for future use in any manner BWHR may see fit and for any purpose whatsoever, all without remuneration, all to the fullest extent permitted by law.
Best Western Hotels & Resorts - Travel Company

@MGM Muthu Hotels -- #Hotel
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With an impressive Portfolio of 11 hotels. We have something for everyone. Portugal - Spain - Tenerife - United Kingdom
Clube Praia da Oura - OuraPraia Hotel - Oura View Beach Club - Forte do Vale - Forte da Oura - Grangefield Oasis - Infiniti Beach Resort - Grand Muthu Golf Plaza - Royal Park Albatros - Belstead Brook Muthu Hotel - Muthu Westcliff Hotel.
MGM Muthu Hotels - Hotel

@RIU Hotels and Resorts -- #Travel Company
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Bienvenidos a la página oficial de Riu Hotels & Resorts - Welcome to Riu Hotels & Resorts official Facebook page.
RIU Hotels & Resorts, una experiencia única en los mejores destinos del mundo. Contamos con hoteles en 19 países, en los que trabajan más de 27,000 empleados que recibieron el año pasado a 4 millones de clientes Actualmente RIU es la 30 mayor cadena hotelera del mundo, una de las principales del Caribe y la tercera en España. RIU Hotels & Resorts, a unique experience in the world’s best destinations. Our hotels are located in 19 countries and employs over 27,000 people. Last year its hotels welcomed a total of 4 million guests. Nowadays RIU is the 30th biggest hotel chain in the world, and one of the most important at the Caribbean and the third in Spain.
RIU Hotels and Resorts - Travel Company

@New York - New York Hotel & Casino Las Vegas -- #Travel Company
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http://www.newyorknewyork.com/ http://www.newyorknewyork.com/promotions/ http://www.newyorknewyork.com/hotel/ http://www.newyorknewyork.com/entertainment/

New York - New York Hotel & Casino Las Vegas - Travel Company

@La Torre Resort Brasil -- #Hotel
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La Torre Resort
No Resort La Torre você encontra o que precisa. Suas férias em Porto Seguro na Bahia estão ainda mais completas com o sistema All Inclusive e uma variedade incrível de serviços disponíveis. Além do lugar privilegiado em frente a Praia do Mutá, uma das mais belas da Costa do descobrimento, você conta com dicas e serviços escolhidos para suprir suas necessidades e vontades durante as férias. Seu Pacote para Porto Seguro está ainda mais completo, com suas férias garantidas e uma infinidade de serviços sem ter que sair à procura... e isso tudo no Resort La Torre.
O La Torre Resort oferece a seus clientes o conforto de um sistema all inclusive com as melhores opções gastronômicas e de lazer, além do consumo de bebidas nacionais sem limites. Localizado a 12 km do centro de Porto Seguro, o La Torre Resort conta com um ambiente tranqüilo e de ótima infra-estrutura: são 4 piscinas para adultos e 4 para as crianças, sauna, hidromassagem, sinuca, aulas de hidroginástica e de ginástica localizada. Para quem gosta de aventura oferecemos arvorismo, escalada, rapel e introdução ao mergulho. O La Torre Resosrt oferece 5 tipos de acomodação. Casais, famílias, amigos; com certeza temos a acomodação certa para você.
La Torre Resort  Brasil - Hotel