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@Spanish (language) -- #Interest
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Spanish—also called Castilian—is a Romance language that originated in the Castile region of Spain, with hundreds of millions of native speakers around the world. It is usually considered the world´s second-most spoken native language after Mandarin Chinese.Spanish is a part of the Ibero-Romance group of languages, which evolved from several dialects of Vulgar Latin in Iberia after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century. The oldest Latin texts which show traces of Spanish come from mid-northern Iberia in the 9th century, and the first systematic written use of the language happened in Toledo, then capital of the Kingdom of Castile, in the 13th century. Beginning in the early 16th century, Spanish was taken to the colonies of the Spanish Empire, most notably to the Americas, as well as territories in Africa, Oceania and the Philippines.Around 75% of modern Spanish is derived from Latin. Greek has also contributed substantially to Spanish vocabulary, especially through Latin, on which it had a great impact.
Spanish (language) - Interest

@New York Language Center -- #Language School
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http://www.nylanguagecenter.com Study English in the Capital of the World!
NYLC offers English as a Second Language classes. We have four schools in NY: Manhattan (2), Queens, and Bronx. Feel free to ask questions or to share your comments & pictures about NYLC! Our classes are excellent and our prices are affordable.
New York Language Center - Language School

@Achieve Languages -- #Education
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Você está em busca de um curso de idiomas? Chegou a hora de conhecer a Achieve Languages. Visite nosso site www.achievelanguages.com.br.
Somos uma rede de escolas de idiomas de abrangência nacional, que atua com base em valores educacionais sólidos. E que alia o que há de mais atual em termos de ensino de línguas com a tradição e a confiabilidade alcançadas ao longo de vários séculos dedicados a estudos, pesquisas e desenvolvimento na área educacional por parte da Oxford University Press e da University of Oxford. O respaldo dessas instituições nos habilita a desenvolver um trabalho de alta qualidade e que proporciona todas as condições para que os alunos aprendam a se comunicar no idioma estudado.
Achieve Languages - Education

@English Language Courses Argiris Hatzopoulos -- #Education
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http://www.elc.edu.gr http://twitter.com/elcthessaloniki http://www.facebook.com/photos.php?id=697753876#/group.php?gid=11340425684
ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSES ARGIRIS HATZOPOULOS http://www.elc.edu.gr/el http://twitter.com/elcthessaloniki
English Language Courses Argiris Hatzopoulos - Education

@File ElectronicLanguage InternationalFestival -- #Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
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File ElectronicLanguage InternationalFestival

File ElectronicLanguage InternationalFestival - Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)

@Human Academy Japanese Language School -- #School
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Human Academy Japanese Language School http://hajl.athuman.com/e/?code=130275
Since the founding of the Osaka School in 1987, and the Tokyo School in 1991, Human Academy Japanese Language School (HAJL) has sent thousands of graduates into society.
Human Academy Japanese Language School - School

@Carioca.Languages -- #Language School
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Carioca Languages: The Best Portuguese Language School in Rio!! - www.carioca-languages.com
Our own books/materials created by us! Qualified and dynamic professors! Speak Portuguese and Change your Life! Study Portuguese with VIVI DE MORAES and staff. (I have been teaching Portuguese for foreigners in Rio de Janeiro since 2003. I graduated in Portuguese and post-graduate in Literature, and I currently teach students of various levels and different nationalities). • New Intensive and Semi-intensive Group Courses! • Conversation classes • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels • Portuguese for work/business, tourism, CELPE-Bras, and essential grammar courses • Classes and courses from 8 to 22h. • The books/materials created by us! • Private, Semi-Private, and Group Courses Offered (max. 8 students) Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 807, sobrlojas 201/202 - Copacabana Tel: (55-21)21468414 email: carioca.languages@gmail.com www.carioca-languages.com
Carioca.Languages - Language School

@Bahasa Aceh -- #Interest
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Bahasa Aceh adalah sebuah bahasa yang dituturkan oleh suku Aceh yang terdapat di wilayah pesisir, sebagian pedalaman dan sebagian kepulauan di Aceh. Bahasa Aceh termasuk dalam rumpun bahasa Chamic, cabang dari rumpun bahasa Melayu-Polinesia, cabang dari rumpun bahasa Austronesia.PenggolonganBahasa Aceh termasuk dalam kelompok bahasa Chamic, cabang dari rumpun bahasa Melayu-Polinesia, cabang dari rumpun bahasa Austronesia. Bahasa-bahasa yang memiliki kekerabatan terdekat dengan bahasa Aceh adalah bahasa Cham, Roglai, Jarai, Rade dan 6 bahasa lainnya dalam rumpun bahasa Chamic. Bahasa-bahasa lainnya yang juga berkerabat dengan bahasa Aceh adalah bahasa Melayu dan bahasa Minangkabau.PersebaranBahasa Aceh tersebar terutama di wilayah pesisir Aceh. Bahasa ini dituturkan di 11 kabupaten dan 4 kota di Aceh, yaitu:Kota Sabang Banda Aceh Sigli Bireuen Beureuneun Lhokseumawe Lhok Sukon Langsa Kualasimpang
Bahasa Aceh - Interest

@Korean language exchange -- #Education
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this serves as a meeting place for those who are willing to learn korean and are willing to exchange their language in return. have fun and learn more!!
this serves as a meeting place for those who are willing to learn korean language and for those who are willing to share there language (english). You can study both using this page, meet somewhere for coffee, or just use any various online messenger like skype and kakaotalk.
Korean language exchange - Education