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@El caloret -- #Performance Art
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Con el buen humor y la sorna Valenciana, la página versa acerca de las performance costumbristas, de la fusión lingüística y de otros fenómenos.

El caloret - Performance Art

@Venice International Performance Art Week -- #Community Organization
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The live art exhibition project in Venice
The VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK is the independent live art exhibition project conceived, initiated and curated by artist duo VestAndPage (Verena Stenke & Andrea Pagnes), organised in collaboration with by Studio Contemporaneo non-profit cultural association, We Exhibit, Venice Open Gates, Live Arts Cultures and European Cultural Centre | GAA Foundation, which hosts the project in its premises in Venice. The project aims to promote the practices of performance art on a local, national and international scale, with an event exclusively dedicated to them, and the related formative Learning Program presented in cooperation with international partner organisations. In respect of the ethical principle of trans-national cultural collaboration, since its first edition in 2012, the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK has become a recognised platform where the propositive dialogue and the open confrontation among different cultures and artistic expressions could flourish. The core of its mission is, in fact, to strengthen the importance of the concept of the social sculpture of a temporary community; to offer moments of fruitful encounters and exchange to lay the foundations for future professional opportunities for artists and cultural operators; and, finally, paying attention to the creation of a broader audience for performance art. Being a gathering reunion among artists and people "who looked for the pearls in the rivers of human civilisations to came to share what they found" (Lee Wen), the project works also as a think tank for outlining conceptual visions which de-clearly overcome imposed and external human conditioning, generating further propositive reflection on topics such as poetic and civil sovereignty, the whole and the ineffable, time, space and existence. The VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK has been conceived in form of a trilogy: I - "Hybrid Body - Poetic Body" (1st edition, 2012); II - "Ritual Body - Political Body" (2nd edition, 2014); III - "Fragile Body - Material Body" (3rd edition, 2016). Each of the three editions consists of a comprehensive exhibition showing historical performance art pioneers´ works and documentation, alongside the presentation of live art performances by contemporary established and emerging international performance artists. The program is structured as such: daily morning talks by and encounters with the participating artists, associated curators and cultural operators open to public; series of long durational performances during the afternoons; and shorter performance slots in the evenings. The ART WEEK | FRINGE section is dedicated to upcoming and emerging artists, both local and international ones. In such context, the urgency of exhibiting the works of pioneers of this art praxis, alongside the most avant-garde contemporary live proposals, reflect the project initiators´ VestAndPage´s artistic research on the field and their choice to trace a continuity within this specific thus interdisciplinary art form from past to present. At the same time, the intent is to highlight previous valuable experiences, which grounded the art of performance in the course of art history and continue to maintain a strong sense of actuality, deserving to be remembered without declared appositive cultural intention. This is as well due for the necessity to pay tribute to art masterpieces as tools telling of social and individual awakening, which still resonate in the works of the new generations. For each edition, the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK and VestAndPage press publish limited edition post-event catalogues (hard cover) documenting the exhibition and live performances, with essays on performance art related issues by international scholars. The VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK is a free admission, nonprofit, non funded, and noncommercial cultural project, sustained by the cultural contribution of prestigious institutions, project-associated curators, and the logistics in-kind support of donors, philanthropists and Venetian enterprises such as ConCAVe and Riviera.
Venice International Performance Art Week - Community Organization

@Picasso e le sue passioni -- #Travel Company
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"Pablo Picasso e le sue passioni" TRAPANI Museo Pepoli 11 ottobre - 8 dicembre 2015 INFO per scuole: Numero Verde: 800-85.84.03 (gratuito dai cellulari)
La mostra, con un percorso completo di opere del grande artista, intende illustrare, nei suoi contenuti più autentici, i temi e le passioni che hanno dato vita alla creatività di Picasso e ne hanno influenzato la vicenda umana e quella artistica. Il teatro e il circo, la tauromachia, le donne e la politica sono state per tutta la sua carriera argomenti di ricerca portante nella sua complessa cifra stilistica. Unico artista del ‘900 che ha saputo trattare tutte le tecniche ascrivibili al mondo dell’arte, Picasso ha conquistato il titolo di Genio proprio perché non si è mai fermato davanti a nulla, mettendosi in gioco e sperimentando fino alla vecchiaia.
Picasso e le sue passioni - Travel Company

@Performance Artist Jaimie Hayes -- #Public Figure
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Hoop dance and manipulation (regular/LED/multiples/fire), fire fans, contortion, and lyra. Email JLHayes426@gmail.com for performance inquires or lessons.

Performance Artist Jaimie Hayes - Public Figure

@Belize International Jazz Festival -- #Performance Art
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to create and promote awareness of Jazz in Belize and provide a learning environment for our youth

Belize International Jazz Festival - Performance Art

@Performance Art Oslo -- #Organization
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PAO is a member organisation for visual artists working within the field of performance art, living in Oslo/Akershus, Norway.

Performance Art Oslo (PAO) is an artist-run initiative established in December 2012 by Franzisca Siegrist, Tanja Thorjussen, Inger Reidun Olsen, Tonje Lieberg, Martinka Bobrikova and Tone Gellein. PAO is a member organisation for visual artists working within the field of performance art, living in Oslo/Akershus, Norway. The organization aims to create a network and opportunities for performance artists through organizing seminars, workshops, symposiums and international exchange. In addition to working locally we collaborate with Performance Art Bergen (PAB) and other organizations and groups who work within the field. We wish to convey performance art and promote the artists and their work.
Performance Art Oslo - Organization

@Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival -- #Art Gallery
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Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival aims to represent a range of styles and forms in order to provoke thought and stimulate discourse surrounding performance art.
the RAPID PULSE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL aims to represent a range of styles and forms in order to provoke thought and stimulate discourse surrounding performance art.
Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival - Art Gallery

@Floor Guide -- #Performance Art
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Floor Guide - Performance Art