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@Fanar Turk الفنار العقارية -- #Real Estate Company
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الشركة العقارية الاولي في تركيا - فلل وفنادق للبيع وششق سكنية
كل ما يخص العقارات في تركيا
Fanar Turk الفنار العقارية - Real Estate Company

@Legião dos Heróis -- #Entertainment Website
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Legião dos Heróis Caixa Postal: 77016 Centro - Nova Iguaçu - RJ Cep: 26210-970
Tudo começou no final de 2012, quando Felipe Lima e Vinicius Tavares resolveram criar uma mídia especializada em super-heróis, mas não abrangendo apenas os muito conhecidos e sim iniciar uma grande aventura buscando conteúdo sobre heróis antigos, menos conhecidos e até reacender alguns já esquecidos. - O cenário heroico brasileiro estava sendo mal explorado - Existiam websites que noticiavam este tipo de material, mas eles eram em grande maioria hobbystas ou não eram grandes canais de comunicação. Nosso objetivo era consertar esta falta de cobertura e criar um canal profissional exclusivo para os heróis. Foi aí que nasceu a Legião dos Heróis. Aos poucos começaram a ser acoplados novos meios de comunicação e hoje contamos com uma página no Facebook, um portal, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat e um canal no YouTube!
Legião dos Heróis - Entertainment Website

@Amazing World -- #Magazine
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Amazing World is a Magazine. Love you :****
Amazing World distributes photos and videos to make friends on facebook to know the world more closely.
Amazing World - Magazine

@Jewellery by Mariam Sikander -- #Local Business
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Our Collection is made in Pakistan and also Imported from India SALEHA 0321 9595852 . Email mariamsikander@hotmail.com
Our Collection is made in Pakistan and also Imported from India and Dubai . Cash on Delivery available all Over Pakistan for additional Rs 300.
Our Collection is made in Pakistan and also Imported from India and Dubai . Cash on Delivery available all Over Pakistan for additional Rs 300. Islamabad / Pindi contact Saleha 0321 9595852 Appointment in Lahore- Azra 35711388 email:makbarali80@gmail.com
Jewellery by Mariam Sikander - Local Business

@Egy.offers -- #Local Business
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أقوي العروض والخصومات والتخفيضات في مصر

Egy.offers - Local Business

@Whats da Sofrência -- #Arts & Entertainment
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Uma página de humor para postar as melhores zoeiras do Whatsapp
A Whats da Sofrência é uma página e um Blog de humor destinado a postar as melhores piadas, em imagens, vídeos e áudios do whatsapp. Totalmente temática, seus posts são essencialmente criados pelo aplicativo, o que a torna diferenciada em ralação à outras páginas do gênero.
Whats da Sofrência - Arts & Entertainment

@American Pocket Bully -- #Local Business
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American Pocket Bully introduces the perfect dog companion. Our Bullies are compact muscular specimens with height ranging from 8 to 15 inches.
Welcome to the American Pocket Bully website. We are one of the most recognized kennels worldwide with over 150,000 Facebook fans worldwide and counting. Here at APB, we focus on perfecting the ultimate Bully breed. This process starts with using selective breeding, which encompasses all the positive characteristics of the American Bully including: companionship, loyalty, confidence, stability and an overall affectionate family pet. Our Bullies have the appearance of heavy bone structure with a Bully build and look. The height and weight are always in proportion to their body frame. These characteristics give the impression of a great power for its size while exemplifying the breed type of the American Bully. Furthermore, American Pocket Bully breeds specifically for optimal health, which helps to eliminate any obesity. American Pocket Bullies have been able to achieve perfect conformation, giving owners both the look they love and the compact size to fit the average everyday lifestyle.
American Pocket Bully - Local Business

@StarPythons -- #Pet Breeder
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Welcome to our Facebook Page! We are delighted to show you some cool Carpet Pythons. Thank you for visiting us, it´s great to have you here!
Die im Jahr 2007 gegründete StarPythons GmbH züchtet und vertreibt viele verschiedene Arten von Pythons, insbesondere Teppichpythons, von Lübeck aus in die Welt. Wenn Sie Fragen haben, zögern Sie bitte nicht uns zu kontaktieren. - - - English Version --- The StarPythons GmbH, founded back in 2007, distibutes several kinds of captive bred pythons from Lübeck into the world. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. - - -
StarPythons - Pet Breeder

@Axelson Tactical LLC -- #Outdoor Equipment Store
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For Freedom and Family: Tactical, Hunting, Emergency, and Survival Gear. Family owned and operated.
Our Story “What would you do to save a life?” My brother and I asked each other that question numerous times during the 29 years we had together. We wondered… if that moment would come where we had to act, would we have the courage and the strength to respond without thought of our own skin. Would we risk everything to try to help? Shortly after September 11, 2001 we had this conversation. “Do you think you would have the courage to risk your life to save a friend?” Matt asked me. The fog was rolling in around us at our house in San Diego. The water in the air was thick enough to make the fire snap. Hot dusty coals dwindling, but alive with a subtle glow as the damp chill of the night settled in around us. Matt was about to begin his third phase of BUDs training and was on a short weekend leave prior to heading to the island. We were sitting opposite each other at our fire pit with cold beers in hand as we began a conversation I will never forget. Matt sat across from me staring at the iron red coals with an uncertain look on his face. Our jovial night was about to take a more serious tone. “Hey,” he began, pausing to get his thoughts right, “I never thought it would be a foregone conclusion that I would be seeing a fight when I entered the Teams. I thought that perhaps I would get the chance to answer that call, but I never knew for sure until today. I hope that I never get in a rough situation, but if I do, I hope I will have the courage to see it through.” Matt was killed in action on the 28th of June 2005 fighting to keep his Teammates alive. Giving every ounce of his heart and soul to win the fight he was in. I am proud of him for that. For never giving up, for having the courage to bring the fight to the enemy, but more importantly for proving what I knew he would do if ever in a situation like we discussed growing up. “Would you have the courage to fight to the last breath for the ones you love?” We decided to launch a business that honored the sacrifices of Matt and all those like him. Many in our family history have served. Grandpa and his brother were career Navy and were on the USS Pennsylvania in Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, Grandma was a Marine for the duration of WWII, Dad and Uncle Dean were in the infantry and fought in the Vietnam War, so this sentiment runs deep with us. In the toughest moments thoughts should not be on the gear you carry it should be on the safety and well being of those next to you. We hope that what we bring to the table will be an integral, albeit, small part of the brave forces that protect us everyday. We also hope that everybody that visits us will take some strength with them when they remember how hard our service men and women fight for us everyday. I will find myself a man in full if during my life I can help support our best and bravest by giving them some of the tools they need to keep them safe. Enabling men and women like my Brother to “…risk their lives to save a friend.”, and God willing, they will make it home to their families safe. God Bless Jeff Axelson
Axelson Tactical LLC - Outdoor Equipment Store