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@Groupon -- #Shopping & Retail
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Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) is building the daily habit in local commerce, offering a vast mobile and online marketplace where people discover and save on amazing things to do, see, eat and buy. http://groupon.com
Groupon is reinventing the traditional small business world by providing merchants with a suite of products and services, including customizable deals, payments processing capabilities and point-of-sale solutions to help them attract more customers and run their operations more effectively. By leveraging the company’s global relationships and scale, Groupon offers consumers incredible deals on the best stuff to eat, see, do, and buy in 48 countries. With Groupon, shoppers discover the best a city has to offer with Groupon Local, enjoy vacations with Groupon Getaways, and find a curated selection of electronics, fashion, home furnishings and more with Groupon Goods. To subscribe to Groupon emails, visit http://Groupon.com. To learn more about the company’s merchant solutions and how to work with Groupon, visit http://GrouponWorks.com. Download our app for iPhone or Android: iTunes - http://gr.pn/WbXebM Google Play - http://gr.pn/16v6p9C Community Guidelines Welcome to the Groupon Facebook Page! We love when you leave comments, photos, videos, and links, but we have a few house rules. The short version is “be cool and use common sense.” The long version is... Be Courteous: Keep the dialogue civil and respectful, treat others how you want to be treated, and whatever you do, do not enter the cellar without permission. Don’t Spam: Posts containing advertising or solicitation, including external photo or link posts, or those that are posted more than once, are likely to be removed. We’ll do the branding around here. Be Relevant: Staying on topic helps people share and learn from one another. In fact, staying on topic is how James Watt invented the steam engine. Keep It Clean: Vulgar, profane, obscene, offensive, derogatory, or inflammatory content is not permitted, even if you’re legally classified as “a little scamp.” Protect Your Personal Information: This one’s easy. Don’t post your Groupon password, credit card number, phone number, or email or physical address. C’mon. Please report posts that violate these guidelines or Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities by using the spam link. As moderators, we reserve the right to remove any posts. We also reserve the right to hide, or permanently delete, posts from any individual. But don’t make us do it. For questions about the Groupon Facebook Page or to report misuse, please email our moderators at support.sm@groupon.com.
Groupon - Shopping & Retail

@Facebook Security -- #Other
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Like this Page to receive updates about how to protect your information both on and off Facebook.

Facebook Security - Other

@Adobe Photoshop -- #Software
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Adobe Photoshop software is the industry standard in digital imaging. Try or buy Photoshop: http://adobe.ly/1a1u97b.

Adobe Photoshop - Software

@I Love You So Much -- #Media/News Company
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The FamilyShare mission is a media company that publishes content that helps families.
The FamilyShare mission is to strengthen and inspire families. Our goal is to provide a safe, positive and respectful environment for members to ask questions, give and receive advice, and connect with others. FamilyShare is a subsidiary of Deseret Digital Media, which has rapidly expanding global reach. With an array of online news sites, consumer services, social media channels and other digital products.
I Love You So Much - Media/News Company

@Nordcurrent -- #Arcade
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Nordcurrent is videogames developer and publisher, creating games for all modern smartphones, tablets and PCs. Games support: www.nordcurrent.com/support

Nordcurrent - Arcade

@EA - Electronic Arts -- #Video Game
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Página oficial da EA no Brasil. Compre os melhores jogos no Origin (http://origin.com).
Electronic Arts Inc. desenvolve, comercializa, publica e distribui software de video game e de conteúdo que pode ser jogado por consumidores em uma variedade de plataformas, incluindo consoles de videogame, como o PlayStation 2 e PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 e Nintendo Wii; computadores pessoais, aparelhos de jogos portáteis, como o PlayStation Portable (PSP), PSVita e Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS e iPod e aparelhos celulares.
EA - Electronic Arts - Video Game

@EA Games - Asia Pacific -- #Internet Company
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Welcome to the EA Asia Pacific community! You can also follow us on Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/EA_Australia
Welcome to the Electronic Arts (EA) Facebook page. Be the first to be informed on game release dates, exciting promos/events and the latest videos/screenshots of your favourite EA games! Join the EA Community! Subscribe to our YouTube channel - http://bit.ly/KoRzDN Follow us on Twitter - http://bit.ly/ea_aus_twitter Problem? Question? If you are having problems with your game, we are here to help. Online Customer Support: https://help.ea.com/ EA’s Online Customer support provides free live chat, email support, and community resources on Answer HQ Australia Electronic Arts Australia Support Hotline: 1800 894 823 Operating hours from 9am - 6pm AEST Monday to Friday. Closed on National Australian Public Holidays. Calls charges from mobile and public phones are higher. New Zealand Electronic Arts New Zealand, Games Hotline: 0800 373 473 Operating hours from 9am - 9pm 7 days a week. Calls charges from mobile and public phones are higher.
EA Games - Asia Pacific - Internet Company

@Yo Amo A Mi Esposo -- #Media/News Company
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FamilyShare es una empresa de medios de comunicación que publica contenido que ayuda a las familias.
La misión de FamilyShare es fortalecer y inspirar a las familias. Nuestra meta es proporcionar un ambiente seguro, positivo y respetuoso donde los usuarios pueden hacer preguntas, dar y recibir consejos y conectar con otros. FamilyShare es una filia con de Deseret Digital Media lo cual que tiene rápida expansión de alcance global. Con una gran variedad de sitios en línea de noticias, servicios de consumo, los canales de medios sociales y otros productos digitales.
Yo Amo A Mi Esposo - Media/News Company

@OnePlus -- #Electronics Company
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We make smartphones. Help us make them the best the world has seen.
OnePlus is a technology startup committed to bringing the best possible technology to users around the world. Created around the mantra Never Settle, OnePlus creates beautifully designed devices with premium build quality.
OnePlus - Electronics Company

@PSafe -- #Software
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Oi, eu sou o Kiper da PSafe! Aqui eu mando dicas e te deixo por dentro de todas as novidades do PSafe DFNDR e do PowerPRO ;)
Eu, Kiper, nasci no dia 6 de maio de 2014, mas a PSafe já existe há 5 anos. Primeiro lançamos o PSafe DFNDR e depois o PowerPRO. Quem diria que 23 milhões de pessoas passariam a usar os nossos aplicativos em todo o mundo, não é mesmo? Tudo começou no Rio de Janeiro (RJ), mas agora também temos escritórios em São Paulo (SP), Florianópolis (RJ) e em São Francisco, nos Estados Unidos.
Você já conhece todos os canais da PSafe? FAQ e Atendimento On-line: http://www.psafe.com/ajuda Blog: http://www.psafe.com/blog Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/PSafetecnologia Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PSafeBrasil Google+: https://plus.google.com/+PSafeTecnologia
PSafe - Software