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@Lawyer -- #TypeAhead
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A lawyer is a person who practices law, as an advocate, barrister, attorney, counselor or solicitor or chartered legal executive. Working as a lawyer involves the practical application of abstract legal theories and knowledge to solve specific individualized problems, or to advance the interests of those who hire lawyers to perform legal services.The role of the lawyer varies greatly across legal jurisdictions, and so it can be treated here in only the most general terms.
Lawyer - TypeAhead

@Dosen -- #Teacher
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Dosen adalah pendidik profesional dan ilmuwan dengan tugas utama mentransformasikan, mengembangkan, dan menyebarluaskan ilmu pengetahuan, teknologi, dan seni melalui pendidikan, penelitian, dan pengabdian kepada masyarakat.Profesi DosenProfesi dosen merupakan bidang pekerjaan khusus yang dilaksanakan berdasarkan prinsip sebagai berikut: Memiliki bakat, minat, panggilan jiwa, dan idealisme; Memiliki komitmen untuk meningkatkan mutu pendidikan, keimanan, ketakwaan, dan akhlak mulia; Memiliki kualifikasi akademik dan latar belakang pendidikan sesuai dengan bidang tugas; Memiliki kompetensi yang diperlukan sesuai dengan bidang tugas; Memiliki tanggung jawab atas pelaksanaan tugas keprofesionalan; Memperoleh penghasilan yang ditentukan sesuai dengan prestasi kerja; Memiliki kesempatan untuk mengembangkan keprofesionalan secara berkelanjutan dengan belajar sepanjang hayat; Memiliki jaminan perlindungan hukum dalam melaksanakan tugas keprofesionalan; Dosen wajib memiliki kualifikasi akademik, kompetensi, sertifikat pendidik, sehat jasmani dan rohani, dan memenuhi kualifikasi lain yang dipersyaratkan satuan pendidikan tinggi tempat bertugas, serta memiliki kemampuan untuk mewujudkan tujuan pendidikan nasional.Kualifikasi AkademikDosen harus memiliki kualifikasi akademik yang diperoleh melalui pendidikan tinggi program pascasarjana yang terakreditasi sesuai dengan bidang keahlian, minimum: Lulusan program magister untuk program diploma atau program sarjana Lulusan program doktor untuk program pascasarjana.
Dosen - Teacher

@Professor -- #Education
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Professor ou docente é uma pessoa que ensina ciência, arte, técnica ou outros conhecimentos. Para o exercício dessa profissão, requer-se qualificações académicas e pedagógicas, para que consiga transmitir/ensinar a matéria de estudo da melhor forma possível ao aluno.É uma das profissões mais importantes, tendo em vista que as demais, na sua maioria, dependem dela. Já Platão, na sua obra A República, alertava para a importância do papel do professor na formação do cidadão.O Dia Mundial dos Professores celebra-se a 5 de Outubro. No Brasil, o Dia do Professor é dez dias depois, em 15 de Outubro.Professores em vários paísesBrasilNo Brasil, professor é o profissional que ministra aulas ou cursos em todos os níveis educacionais, a saber: Educação infantil, Ensino fundamental, Ensino médio e Ensino superior, além da Educação profissional. Em 15 de outubro comemora-se o Dia do Professor.PortugalEm Portugal, o estatuto de docente é definido pelo Ministério da Educação, responsável pela política geral de educação. Por todo o País, existem vários sindicatos de professores, sendo que a maior federação sindical docente do país é a Federação Nacional dos Professores (FENPROF).
Professor - Education

@Lecturer -- #Teacher
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In the United Kingdom and Ireland, a lecturer holds an open-ended, tenure-track or tenured position at a university or similar institution, and is often an academic at an early career stage who teaches, conducts research, and leads research groups. Most lecturers typically hold permanent contracts at their academic institution. In terms of responsibilities and recognition, the position of an open-ended lecturer on a permanent contract is equivalent to assistant professor or associate professor in the North American academic system. This is a tenure-track or tenured position, although UK tenure has eroded since 1988.In other countries, the term lecturer generally denotes an academic expert without tenure in the university, who is hired to teach on a full- or part-time basis, but who is not paid to conduct research. In most research universities in the United States, the title of lecturer requires a doctorate or equivalent degree.AustraliaIn Australia, the term lecturer may be used informally to refer to anyone who conducts lectures at a university or elsewhere, but formally refers to a specific academic rank. The academic ranks in Australia are similar to those in the UK, with the rank of associate professor roughly equivalent to reader in UK universities. The academic levels in Australia are (in ascending academic level): A) associate lecturer, (B) lecturer, (C) senior lecturer, (D) associate professor, and (E)(India)|University Grants Commission.
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@Internship -- #Education
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An internship is a job training for white collar and professional careers.Internships for professional careers are similar in some ways but not as rigorous as apprenticeships for professions, trade and vocational jobs, but the lack of standardisation and oversight leaves the term open to broad interpretation. Interns may be college or university students, high school students, or post-graduate adults. These positions may be paid or unpaid and are usually temporary.Generally, an internship consists of an exchange of services for experience between the student and an organization. Students can also use an internship to determine if they have an interest in a particular career, to create a network of contacts, to acquire a recommendation letter to add to their curriculum vitae, or to gain school credit. Some interns find permanent, paid employment with the organizations for which they worked upon completion of the internship. This can be a significant benefit to the employer as experienced interns often need little or no training when they begin regular employment. It also helps an employer in gauging a student´s aptitude, since grade inflation has undermined the reliability of academic grades. Unlike a trainee program, employment at the completion of an internship is not guaranteed.
Internship - Education

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A system administrator, or sysadmin, is a person who is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems; especially multi-user computers, such as servers.The system administrator seeks to ensure that the uptime, performance, resources, and security of the computers he or she manages meet the needs of the users, without exceeding the budget.To meet these needs, a system administrator may acquire, install, or upgrade computer components and software; provide routine automation; maintain security policies; troubleshoot; train or supervise staff; or offer technical support for projects.
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@Project Manager -- #Technology Company
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A project manager is a professional in the field of project management. Project managers have the responsibility of the planning, procurement and execution of a project, in any domain of engineering. Project managers are first point of contact for any issues or discrepancies arising from within the heads of various departments in an organization before the problem escalates to higher authorities. Project management is the responsibility of a project manager. This individual seldom participates directly in the activities that produce the end result, but rather strives to maintain the progress, mutual interaction and tasks of various parties in such a way that reduces the risk of overall failure, maximizes benefits, and minimizes costs.OverviewA project manager is the person responsible for accomplishing the project objectives. Key project management responsibilities include defining and communicating project objectives that are clear, useful and attainable procuring the project requirements like workforce, required information, various agreements and material or technology needed to accomplish project objectives managing the constraints of the project management triangle, which are cost, time, scope and qualityA project manager is a client representative and has to determine and implement the exact needs of the client, based on knowledge of the organization they are representing. An expertise is required in the domain the Project Managers are working to efficiently handle all the aspects of the project. The ability to adapt to the various internal procedures of the client and to form close links with the nominated representatives, is essential in ensuring that the key issues of cost, time, quality and above all, client satisfaction, can be realized.
Project Manager - Technology Company

@Trabajador -- #Local Service
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Trabajador o trabajadora es la persona física que con la edad legal mínima presta sus servicios retribuidos subordinados a otra persona, a una empresa o institución. Si su edad es menor a legal establecida, puede ser considerado trabajo infantil y puede ser ilegal a menos que tenga, en ciertos casos, permiso de sus padres o tutores. Si no presta los servicios de forma voluntaria, se considera esclavitud o servidumbre.Contexto históricoEl concepto moderno de trabajador, como el de empresario, surge con la Revolución Industrial del siglo XIX y se consolida durante la denominada Segunda Revolución Industrial. Esta dicotomía social, económica y productiva establecería las diferentes clases sociales: clase capitalista (el concepto de burguesía se utiliza desde el siglo XVII) y clase obrera (proletariado o clase baja). En el manifiesto comunista, Marx y Engels, definen al conjunto de trabajadores dependientes como proletariado:
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Beginning with the Industrial Revolution era, a workshop may be a room or building which provides both the area and tools (or machinery) that may be required for the manufacture or repair of manufactured goods. Workshops were the only places of production until the advent of industrialization and the development of larger factories. In the 20th and 21st century, many Western homes contain a workshop in the garage, basement, or an external shed. Home workshops typically contain a workbench, hand tools, power tools and other hardware.BackshopIn some repair industries, such as locomotives and aircraft, the repair operations have specialized workshops called backshops or railway workshops. Most repairs are carried out in small workshops, except where an industrial service is needed.
Workshops - Interest

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Kuli berarti pekerja kasar, yaitu pekerja yang banyak memerlukan tenaga fisik. Banyak orang mengira istilah kuli diserap dari bahasa Inggris yang menuliskan kuli sebagai coolie, namun sebenarnya, secara etimologi kata ini pertama kali diserap dari bahasa Mandarin. Dalam bahasa Mandarin, kuli (Hanzi: 苦力, hanyu pinyin: kuli) bermakna harfiah pekerja kasar yang menggunakan tenaga dalam mengerjakan tugas yang biasanya berat.
Kuli - Local Service